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Club Racing

Frankston BMX Club race on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month from February through until November. Racing in Summer kicks off at 7.30pm. The canteen is open for all your dinner and snack needs.

  • Track is open from 6pm - 7pm for practice.
  • 7pm - Mini Wheelers practice followed by Mini Wheelers racing
  • Racing in Winter kicks off at 7pm.
  • Registration online
  • Mini wheelers practice from 6.30 pm followed by mini wheelers racing.
  • Cost is $10 per rider or $25 for a family / Mini Wheelers $5
  • Non BMX members will pay an additional fee upon registration for racing.
How it Works

How a Club race meet works

  1. Turn up on the night with appropriate race gear and a valid license
  2. R‚Äčegister to ride online via You will need to set up an entry boss account.
  3. Once you have registered by running your bike over the transponder mat located at the score shed you can then practice, usually 1 hour before racing starts
  4. Riders will be called to the staging area where they will be placed in age groups that they will be racing. You must listen for your name to be called. If you are not listening you may miss your race.
  5. After you have raced 3 motos (races) we generally have a short break to print off finals sheets.
  6. Return to staging after the break for Finals racing.

On our calendar you can see that we run Fun Clubby events and Championship Clubby events. To be eligible for end of year awards at our club Christmas Party you must participate in a certain number of Club Championship Events. Details can be found on our club calendar.

Club Championships & Year End Awards

All Riders who complete 5 of the 8 Club Championships rounds outlined in club calendar.

Awards are also governed by help around the club and each family must complete 5 Duties throughout the year. Volunteering roles can be found under our volunteering section. Without volunteering throughout the year will see your son/daughter unable to qualify for end of year awards. We ask that each person see a committee member to have your volunteer card signed off after each role is completed. Without volunteers we cannot run club racing events and gate nights.

We ask that at least one adult member of each family complete the Level one online course outlined under our volunteering section and purchase a volunteer license. This course helps you understand the basics of BMX. It covers the fundamentals of officiating at a BMX track and requires candidates to read an online manual and complete an online quiz.

Club Racing Calendar