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Riders can be 2 - 60 plus. When getting started with BMX you must purchase a license. This is your Insurance when riding a BMX track. A license is required to participate at gate nights, club coaching and any Club or State racing events. BMX licenses can be purchased here . When you sign up you will need a copy of your birth certificate as proof of age. This will need to be uploaded at the time of joining.

If you wish to try the track before joining head down when the club is not operational and have a ride. Be sure to check out our What to wear page. 

Once you join as a member of Frankston BMX Club you will be allocated a race number. If you are not intending on racing a Race plate is not required for gate nights or coaching sessions.  Race plates are required for all Club and State Racing.  

Plates can be purchased through the club along with race jerseys.


  Green = Novice

  Blue = Expert Girls

  Yellow = Expert Boys

  Orange = Sprockets

  Mini wheelers do not need a plate

Equipment & Cost

Equipment needed to race/train and associated costs are as follows:

  • Any Bike, BMX bike works best. No front brake or chain guard. Club committee can view bike for any safety concerns.
  • Full face helmet, Long sleeve top, long pants, Gloves, Enclosed footwear.

At Frankston BMX Club, we do have loan equipment such as bikes, helmets and gloves, which can be used until your own are sorted.

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